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Guitar (Solutions) - TV: E- & Akustik Gitarre / Für Anfänger bis Profi

E- & Acoustic Guitar for Beginner to Pro

Guitar-Solutions-TV / Music School-St.James

(If only songs or also theory, technique, consultation, questions- everything to do with music)

Specialized in: Folk / Pop / Blues / Rock / Metal

From E-Guitar, Western or Classical:

What you will need to bring, when you arrange for lessons in person (these items can also be ordered through us): (1) Guitar (2) Chromatic Tunner (3) with E-Guit., a short cable (4) USB-Stick (5) Handy or digital-video camera to record your lesson / exercises and Info-etc.

Electric Guitar:

We mainly teach for and on 6 string guitar, in other words the lesson are geared for this type of guitar and the corresponding techniques and styles.


-With or without Tremelo (Floyd-etc.)

-Traditional 440Hz tuning and In all other

Tunings as well.


This type of Guitar is suited best for Electric Blues, Hard-Rock und Metal.



6 und 12 String (steel string) Western guitar are also the other types of guitars that we also give lessons for.


This type of guitar is one of the most popular and one of the most widely used and familiar instrument types in use today. Either as pure or electro acoustic allows for quick and easy us.


Typical guitar for Acoustic Blues, Folk, Pop and also Rock.


Classic/ Concert-Guitar:

6-string (Nylon) is not only for classical music but also for Flamenco music, including Pop-Rock und Blues.


The "nylon-guitar" is very well suited for the beginning guitarist, not only due to the affordability but also because the nylon strings are much easier on the fingers than the steel stringed guitars, this guitar comes in 3 different sizes:(1)1/4- for small children (2) 1/2- for pre-teen (3) 4/4- for teens & adults.



Objective Statement:


We here at Guitar-Solutions-TV believe that learning to play an instrument is more than just learning how to play a song, of course we teach whatever the student wishes to learn- but one thing should be kept in mind, that playing a song and playing an instrument are 2 completely different situations. One can eventually learn (through trial and error) in the course of a few years, how certain rules of music seem to function and some are born with a natural instinct for music. For most people however, there is a necessity for exact guidance and direction in learning how to play an instrument, which also encompasses the incorporation of learning favorite songs or pieces as a way of incorporating the academic with the practice- the practical use and application of what one learns in theory.

Music School-St.James


We are Guitar-Solutions-TV, and also the Music School-St.James (St.Martin/Pfalz) De.


The free videos and the gen'l info.-pages are offered as complimentary downloads as well as other more in depth material which is available and clearly marked and offered as download-"per pay" and can be purchased through Paypal including with credit card / debit card, as well as direct bank transfer..



Music School-St.James

Guitar / Bass / Vocal lesson in person in St.Martin (Rheinland Pfalz) Germany


Costs, Appointment avaiability-etc., are available per the above link.


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e-mail: e_st_james@hotmail.com