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These downloads are offered for free, the information presented here is not some copy and paste material, but valuable information that I have studied, gathered and put into well thought out original formulation. I would like to make this material available to anybody wishing to further advance thier knowledge and ability on thier instrument and in music in general. This is a lot of hard work, I ask you to consider making a donation (any amount) of your choice. Just click on the Donate button below and make your donation. I thank you in advance for your generosity... Now let's Rock...

More Subjects, including material for intermediate  and  advanced  (PDF / Videos mp4 format) will be added shortly, please check back for more info.

Coming soon; Time Signatures / Rhythms-Strumming Patterns / Pentatonic Modes and much more...


CMaj. Scale

Level: Beginner

7 CMaj. Modes /

Level: Beginner to Intermediate



Scale Practice Techniques 

Level: Beginner

Circle Of 5th's / 4th's 

Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Corresponding Video /

Scale Practice Techniques

will be available soon

Corresponding Video / CMaj. Modes

will be available shortly

Maj. / minor Triades & 7th Chords 

Level: Beginner

Corresponding Video / Maj.-minor

& 7 Chords  will be available shortly

For all other chords,

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