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Guitar lessons (Skype/FaceTime)
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Skype Contact-Nr : guitar-solutions-tv

What it costs, and how it works:

LESSON-FEES (per Skype or Apple-FaceTime): Incl. all Info., that accompany each lesson: Tabs, Notes (Info. sheets )-etc.

One Time Special Offer: If you are taking the lessons with us for the first time and schedule 4 lesson-units of your choice , you pay only for 3 lessons and receive the 4th lesson free of charge, regardless if 30,  45,  60   min. (ATTENTION) :  All  3 lesson-units must be paid in full and in advance, afterwards you will be directly routed from the Paypal page to our schedule / appointment planner (Time-Trade).  On the Time Trade page, you will be able to scheduled your desired appointment day and time, according to availability. Please take notice and follow all instructions for booking your appointment, i.e. availability and the terms & conditions-etc. All appointments must be paid for in advance in order to secure a reservation.

30 min. / €15,- per Lesson-unit


45 min. / €20,- per Lesson-unit


60 min. / €30,- per Lesson-unit

You can go directly to our Appointment-Planer       to determine the availability in selecting your desired lesson day and time. PLEASE set your  appointment time at least 1 week (on the following week)  in advance of the current date. Of course we can make an exception when we have the possibility to arrange the short notice appointment into the scheduling plan for that time period.

Please click here to check the availability: (TIME-TRADE) 


Apple FaceTime Users:

Contact us at: guitar-solutions-tv@hotmail.com

Apple FacsTime users, please follow the same procedures as the Skype users. Please use the the same Paypal buttons (marked as "Skype-Lessons").


Terms and conditions of use

(1) The lessons are contract free, the user pays   

      only for the actual lessons that are     


(2) In  case  of  change  of  lesson  time  by  the

     student , we  require  (without   exception)  a 

     min. of 24hrs (regardless of reason) notice in

     advance of  the scheduled appointment time.     




     REFUNDABLE     AND    WILL     NOT      BE 


     LESSON(S)! All rescheduled lessons must be

     paid   again,  in   advance.   Please  use   our

     contact form-click here or our e-mail  contact:                                                           


(3) All Lessons must be paid for in advance     

     (through PayPal: guitar-solutions-tv@hotmail.

     com) so that we can book and reserve your

     specified date and time.

(4) You may take as many lessons as you wish 

      in any  intervals of  your choosing, be it a 1

      time  lesson  or  sporadically,  also  multiple

      lessons on a regularly scheduled time plan   

      i.e. a permanent time regardless if 1 , 2, or 3         

      times in a month or only once in a while-all

      at your own comfort and descretion.

(5) By use of this service, you automatically

      agree to the Terms and Conditions set



Lessons per Skype come with;

- Prof. arranged (print form) lesson subject matter

(per PDF’s) through e-mail or per Link.

- Audio backing tracks (when needed) 

- Video of subject matter (when needed)

                      Go here for free SKYPE Program download                             (available for both Mac and Windows)

If you already have and use Skype, or Apple FaceTime- then please take the following steps:

(1) To check the availability and schedule your desired day and

      time, please click here: TIME TRADE/ Schedule-Planner

(2) Please go to the desired lesson unit Paypal Button (upper right or

      here below), Chose lesson length- 30 / 45 or 60 mins. (ATTENTION:

      All lesson-units must be paid for in advance) One time special introductory offer: 

      If you are taking the lessons with us for the first time, and schedule 4 lesson-

      units of your choice, you pay only for 3 lessons and receive the 4th one free of

      charge, regardless if 30, 45, 60 min. From PayPal you will be automatically

      redirected to either our scheduling calendar (Time Trader) or back to this web

      page where you can proceed via the "TIME TRADE / Schedule-Planner Link

      and there you will be able to chose and submit your desired day and time, you

      can pick and chose according to the availability. PLEASE NOTE: AS OF APR.

      2020 EXCHANGE RATE  (US to EURO) IS BASICALLY 1:1 ( €1,- = $1,09).

    30 min. / €15,- Per Lesson-unit


    45 min. / €20,- Per Lesson-unit


    60 min. / €30,- Per Lesson-unit


(3) Please make careful note of  your scheduled lesson  time  and also                 

      be  punctual (as  lateness will  be deducted  from the  lesson  time).

      Please take careful note of the terms and conditions (listed to right,

      also stipulated  on the Time-Trader  scheduling  planner), there  are

      no  exceptions  to  these  terms. We  wish you fun, success and the

      possible   continued   accompaniment   on   your   further   musical

      learning experience. PLEASE, set your appointment at least 1 Week

      (on the following week) in advance of the current date. Of course we

      can make an exception when we have the possibility to fit the short

      notice appointment into the scheduling plan for that time period.


      Gift certificates also available here, click on (photo) link:

Guitar-Solutions-TV / Eddie St.James- Spezialized in:

Folk / Pop / Blues / Blues-Rock / Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Metal-

(6-String) Acoustic and E-Guitar


Guitar-Lessons per Skype and  FaceTime                (Apple FaceTime-only for Apple users).

Nowadays one can easily and from the comfort of one's own home or business, reach out and take advantage of all the new technology that has been afforded to us by the computer age. A case in example is that you can take privat guitar lessons regardless of your location, whether you're in the next city, state or on the other side of the globe. Through Skype, FB-Messenger and / or (Apple) FaceTime we are able to experience life in virtual "real time". If you already have Skype, we can be reached at the following address: guitar-solutions-tv  and Apple users with FaceTime (no additional program needed) , we can be reached at the following address: guitar-solutions-tv@hotmail.com

If you do not have Skype, please click on the big "SKYPE" Symbol to the right and

     on their web-site you can download and use the Skype program for free.